Thank you! A few questions on Frontdoor Defense:

1. Is there a way to share other defense tech startup companies with you for Noah's list? All I see now is the form for companies to submit their information themselves, which I realize is ideal since you would have contact info and since some companies are in stealth mode. But obviously the list of defense tech startups is larger than 329 companies (e.g. Aphelion, Distributed Spectrum, not on the list) - should we just push companies to the list and ask them to submit or send to you or?

2. Same kind of with investor list - will you be adding PE firms, accelerators/incubators, PIAs, etc?

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Steven - thanks for these thoughtful questions.

On 1 - it's definitely not comprehensive, and certainly we're not publishing anything in stealth. We're generally focused on venture-backed defense tech companies, and will continue to update over time. Happy to talk more about this and/or add a batch -- want to shoot me a note at Noah@pvs.vc?

On 2 - we're looking into expanding the investor list and thinking through what other resources are helpful. Accelerators may be a separate resource, and haven't started on PIAs, but would love to chat about this as well. PE for sure. Again, happy to discuss as we want to make this valuable to the community.

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Thanks Noah! Shot you a note via e-mail. Look forward to chatting.

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